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Verywell is an award-winning health website with 300 Million annual reader that provides trusted health information when you need it most. Verywell’s brands including Health, Mind, Family, Fit.

2019 - 2021

Professional Skills
Responsive Web Design
Design System
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Rapid Prototyping
User Research
User Testing

Work Closely With
Hetal Rathod (former Design Director)
Mark Lewis (Senior Director, Product)
Dylan Wolter (Product Manager)
Verywell Dev Team
Verywell Editorial Team
SEO Team
Visual Asset Team
Freelance Illustrators

Design Tools
Figma, Adobe Suite, Sketch, Invision

Collaboration Tools
Jira, Zeplin, Miro, Zoom

User Testing, Hotjar

Contributions & Impact

As a UX/UI designer, I ideated, crafted and iterated on the experiences for the #4 largest ad-supported health information sites. It was first launched on 26 April 2016 as a media property of (now Dotdash) and its first standalone brand. 

I’m also working closely with with cross-funcational team in an agile environment to rapidly produced innovative concepts, executed sketches, mockups, interactive prototypes, and design handoff & QA.


Vaccine Hub ︎︎︎

We’ve helped 3 million people understand vaccines with content that did not exist in November.

As the lead designer of this project, I will walk through the project in details. In addition to the research & analysis, design exploration to implementation & tech, I will also zoom into the most tricky problem of “journeys” that caused a lot of confusions.

Verywell Health Drugs and Supplements ︎︎︎

Enhance the search experience on Verywell to prioritize drugs content while still allowing users to access our full breadth of content for their search terms.



Global Exposed Navigation

The goal is to expose all the core content competencies to help desktop users understand the content structure and what the site is about. For some reason, we haven’t rolled out the exposed nav on homepages for Fit.

From Sep 29 to Nov 5 2020, the header click gets 14.22% (Health), 35.71% (Mind), 86.87% (Family), 22.98% (Fit) increase. And we saw a significant decrease on the fullscreen navigation click. 

Check the before & after on Fit. 

Footer Revamp

The original request was to add a medical disclaimer in the footer. We took this chance to revisit the footer structure. I worked closely with Greg Marquet to test out the grid layout (it gave us the flexibility to move things around).

We significantly improved the responsiveness and text-breaking issues caused by that, and cleaned up the spacing across. 

QA was referring to this project as one of her favourite since there’s “zero issue”.

Document Navigation︎︎︎

Redesigned the navigation on the document pages together with Hetal Rathod. Users won’t accidentally misunderstand and click the wrong thing or otherwise feel confused by their options.

User testing revealed that new nav successfully mitigated the confusion between TOC and journey with 95% (desktop), 24% (mobile), 17% (tablet) increase in TOC click.
Left-Rail Sticky TOC

Breadcrumb & Guidecrumb

Downpage Journey Cards

Homepage Redesign

Verywell Mind ︎︎︎

I led the Verywell Mind homepage redesign and color change.

I contritubted to the design exploration, testing and research to the Verywell Health homepage redesign.

As a team contribution, the new design has brought the traffic up 20% since its release (Feb 14 2020).

Verywell Family︎︎︎

I focused on the first few rounds of wireframing, exploration, and took charge of the communication with illustrator, Bailey Mariner, and design handoff / tech implementation.  

Verywell Fit︎︎︎

Revamped Verywell Fit homepage

Structured Content Templates


A template was built due to the increasing demand of news content. I explored the layout and content blocks together with Hetal Rathod.

Design System

Design System in Figma

I lead the creation of the design system and master templates in Figma. This project requires a close collaboration with developers and shared language across all the teams. Verywell Health, Mind, and Family share the same visual patterns with color differences. Fit is totally distinct, but all of them are sharing the same structure.

Design Handoff

Standardize Documentation

I noticed that the design handoff has been inconsistent throughout the projects and it led to more QA work afterwards. I took the initiatives to tailor our design handoff to the way that is easier for developers to understand and consume.

“She’s done a great job partnering with the developers on the team in getting them the specs and necessary files to begin new feature-build.”

Figma Workshop

A Figma workshop was held due to the migration from Sketch and Zeplin. This has helped developers and PMs get familiar with the interface and inspect tool  in Figma for efficient design handoff. 

“She has identified areas of improvement to make the design/developer handoff process more efficient by suggesting to do a Figma workshop catering to the developer’s needs.”

Image Templates & Creative Brief

I established the image templates with the cropping and requirements built in, and provided a detailed spreadsheet with examples, links, templates, and annotations. I also created a great number of the social media templates in Canva for our social editors.

In addition, I initiated the creative brief that will greatly smooth the communication process between editors and designers/illustrators. All these are shareable across editors, VAT team and other external freelancers to mitigate confusion and reduce communication effort.

Accessibility Improvement

Color Palette Update

As part of the SEO optimization, we examined the accessibility across all sites. On the design end, we revisited the Verywell color palette. 

Based on the homepage new design and accessibility test, we came up with the new color schemes which better communicates our brand values and passed the color contrast WCAG AA. 

Base Fonts Update

Searching for alternatives to our brand fonts, FS Albert, Montserrat, and Merriweather to optimize cumulative layout shift (CLS) for better user experience and google algo.

Graphic Design

Commerce Composite Template︎︎︎

I designed photo composite templates for commerce products articles-mocked up a variety of backgrounds and place products on them to signify placement. 

Detailed guidelines were created, since once the templates were handed off, the freelancers will take on the mass production. 

“They did an awesome job! And, their turn around was amzing!”

Pregnancy Week by Week Product Template︎︎︎

Partnering with the freelancer, Bailey Mariner, I provided the baby product template that will get featured inline in the documents.

Illustration and color palette were provided by the illustrator.

“She is eager to explore innovative ideas but also clearly communicates design needs or limitations.”

Social Post Template