Human Voice as Clock


I recorded myself counting 2 minutes in several contexts to explore the human perception of time under different scenarios. Time is stretchable. Senses trigger flashbacks, flashbacks are extracted from memories, and memories interfere with the senses. Past, present, and future are interconnected like a manifold, a convergence of multiple dimensions of time. To connect these dots, Joan Grant reveals this piece of a puzzle in his book Winged Pharaoh: a far memory book: “for where I am is within and beyond Time, for it is the center of a circle where past, present, and future join and are eternal.”


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Sound Production / Voice Recording

Time: May, 2018
Elements: 2’ Multi-Channel Voice Recording
Medium: iPhone, Ricoh GR II
Team: Individual
Length: 2’
Time of recordings: May 7, 2018 17:35 17:41 19:15 21:47 | May 8, 2018 18:15