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As a designer

I’m a product designer who brings creative vision to fruition. 

Cox Residential Buy Flow

Create a smooth converged shopping experience, from PDP, configuration, shopping cart to checkout, for new customers.

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Creator-Driven Shopping Experience

Drive the next generation of shopping by bringing creators to Search & YouTube Shorts.

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Language & i18n on Search

Explore ways to reduce the amount of search results displayed in a language not preferred by the user and augment / enhance ability to search in multiple languages. Evolve the way billions of users engage with search across the globe, enhance the current search and ads products.

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Led design projects and design system. Ideated, crafted and iterated on the experiences for the #4 largest ad-supported health information sites. Collaborated with cross-functional team in an agile environment to rapidly produce innovative concepts, executed sketches, mockups, interactive prototypes, and design handoff & QA.

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