Death of Any Sort


An online graveyard for dead beings except humans.

Time: May, 2020 - Forever

1. 我会用我的手机拍摄记录下我所遇见的每一份死亡,此举与人类无关。
2. 我不必思考,也不可过度反应。
3. 我不可更改图像的原有状态。

1. I will use my phone to take pictures of any sort of death I encounter except human beings.
2. I shall not think or over react to the death.
3. I shall not modify or change the original state of the images.



I use my phone to take photos of every death I encountered except for human beings since quarantine. It all traced back to the moment that I executed a fly. Since then, 8 have been captured.

To keep the death “fresh”, each of them is sealed together with a bag of desiccant into food storage bags. The deaths are placed at the relative heights of discovery, most are at the ground level. The deaths are tossed to the road effortlessly, out of eye level. Overlook is a privileged perspective of human beings. By looking at the ground, the audience are exposed to the unnecessary and uncomfortable presence.

I’m exploring the verticality that a human persists, and the geometry and selectivity of the concept of death under the dominance and dictatorship of humans.


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︎ Death of A Fly 苍蝇之死