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Autonomous Objects

Weilin and I are making a series of experimental prototypes that explore the ubiquitous but novel relationship between humans and objects. By reimagining the messages behind everyday objects, the project enables everyday objects to communicate and negotiate with us in their (possibly) preferable way. This is a project everyone can experience. We want people to rethink their relationship with everyday objects through this fun and playful interaction. Check our process of production

Physical Computing / Ontology / Interactive Objects

Time: May, 2018
Elements: Old-fashioned Radio, Desk Lamp, Thermal Printer
Medium: Arduino, Music Breakout Board, LDR Photocell Sensor, Relay, Potentiometer
Dimension: 3 pieces daily objects
Role: Concept, Designer, Technologist
Team: Weilin Li

The Daily Objects

There is a printer who needs a break occasionally.
There is a radio who lives in the past.
There is a lamp who only wakes up at daytime.

“Objects talk to us personally. Some might be more functional than others, and the emotional attachment is very individual. ”

by Martino Gamper