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As an artist

I’m here to witness and document.

Near Water (Installation) 
I remade the book I wrote in the past into a pocket size. A book about my personal story of living in cities near water all my life is hung from the top with its edge touching the surface of the water. The water I keep running away from-the ghost that comes after me, the soil that nourishes me-is slowly permeating, evading, and finally gaining control. My story reveals. The fragmented puzzling and mumbling nonsense.
Rice paper, copper wire

Death of Any Sort

Started in May, 2020
I use my phone to take photos of every death I encountered except for human beings since quarantine. It all traced back to the moment that I executed a fly.

To keep the death “fresh”, each of them is sealed together with a bag of desiccant into food storage bags. The deaths are placed at the relative heights of discovery, most are at the ground level. The deaths are tossed to the road effortlessly, out of eye level. Overlook is a privileged perspective of human beings. By looking at the ground, the audience are exposed to the unnecessary and uncomfortable presence. Here, I’m exploring the verticality that a human persists, and the geometry and selectivity of the concept of death under the dominance and dictatorship of humans.

hEAR: You are what you are sensing

hEAR is a site-specific sound installation consisting of multiple handmade speakers on canvases playing a computer-generated stereo soundscape.

Its concept emerges from my response to a lifetime sensitivity to high frequency sound. This ‘excessive hearing’ triggers physiologic and emotional feelings - anxiety, timidity, need to escape - which led to the form of this project as an artistic metaphor of  “my fear” and “my courage to face it.” Paper
Enameled Magnetic Copper Wires, Super Strong Magnets, Mono Amplifiers, Stretched Canvas, MDF board

Near Water (Book) 
With this book I tell my personal story  of living in cities near water all my life. I write - reflect and share imagery of my journey with water.

You said: “I’ll go to
another country. go to another shore,find another city better than this one.
You won’t find a new country, won’t find another shore. This city will always pursue you.”

- The City, C. P. Cavafy

Paper, zine/book

Human Voice as Clock
I recorded myself counting 2 minutes in several contexts to explore the human perception of time under different scenarios.

Time is stretchable. Senses trigger flashbacks, flashbacks are extracted from memories, and memories interfere with the senses. Past, present, and future are interconnected like a manifold, a convergence of multiple dimensions of time.

To connect these dots, Joan Grant reveals this piece of a puzzle in her book Winged Pharaoh: a far memory book: “for where I am is within and beyond Time, for it is the center of a circle where past, present, and future join and are eternal.”
2’ Multi-Channel Voice Recording